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reimagined balcony

The clients are renovating an amazing 1960s Canberra classic, but needed a pergola to deal with the NW sun before the build. They wanted to be able to use it post build with minimal issues.

As we are designing the new property, and understanding the style when done, we designed a pared back, clean, sleek pergola almost 4m wide.

As this was to be reused, for summer we suggested putting a bamboo reed cover over the pergola manually, and then taking down in late March to allow for flexibility and cost effectiveness.

The pergola was screwed together, so that it can all be pulled apart and reassembled easily post renovation. Once reinstalled post renovation, an automated, sensor driven screen system will be installed along the top of the beams, providing all of the flexibility a pergola in Canberra needs to either shade or allow the sun to enter the house.

In the summer of 2019/20, this reduced indoor temperatures by almost 15deg, and the concrete balcony was also more than 15deg cooler throughout. It is also the first time since the clients bought the property 7 years ago that they were able to use the front of their house in summer. All from a simple pergola.....

reimagined balcony

reimagined balcony

This 1961 house with skillion roof needed a sharp line to the pergola, with the flexibility to be covered in summer and open in winter- see further photos. Adding the white clean lined furniture, to skillion roof, straight modernist pergola, and then a touch of Japan with the maples. The space is zoned for dining and outdoor seating, delineated by the different depths of the pergola, whilst keeping all of the lines.