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reimagined ranch

This modern, reimagined American ranch style home was a collaborative project with fantastic clients who wished to semi retire to a wonderful site in country NSW sitting atop a hill with views in every direction.

Hands on, they intend to build much of this themselves, and so a small studio was designed into the shed from where they will live and work on their dream home.

The house will be mainly off-grid/self sufficient with solar, tank water, sceptic, grey water systems and an extensive vegetable garden all in the plan.

The building fabric and pergola will eventually be covered in deciduous vines.

The house will be heavily insulated which, combined with high quality double or triple glazed windows and a direct North orientation will draw in and retain heat in winter, whilst large eaves, additional shading for summer and ample cross ventilation will keep the house cool all summer.

This house will be a house for all seasons, inside or out.

This project is under way and will be completed in 2021/2022.

reimagined ranch