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Why We Do What We Do

In a changing world, disrupted by climate change, disease, economic uncertainty and anxiety, the one constant refuge is home. We spend over 90% of our time indoors, and with more work time now at home instead of our workplaces, our well-being, comfort, health and the way we touch the earth at home now take on even greater significance.

We need to reimagine our habitat- both in how it works for us, and how it works in the rest of the world.

Understanding that current building methodologies will not survive the changes required to meet the needs of healthy, comfortable, efficient homes demanded by you, the home owner, or meet the global energy targets set by Governments the world over, we asked ourselves what will the 'new normal' look like in building thinking in 10 years time, We researched many models to find global best practice. The design principles needed to allow for individuality and design to remain at the core of the process, but result in the healthy, comfortable, low energy homes our clients were asking for. And, it had to be scientifically verified and tested.

Passive House is that global standard bearer for healthy, environmentally conscious homes.

The methodologies were designed by academics, improved by architects, scientists and builders, and have been tested and improved upon for over 30 years. The learnings from the science and design thinking developed over the last 30 years can be used to inform the thinking for all buildings- not just for those who wish to build to Passive House standards. However there is an additional element to take into account, shading for the Australian summer, which the Europeans do not need to think so much about!

Our team can help work through how you want your habitat to work for you, guide you through the intricacies of environmentally conscious, low energy building methodologies, and design a habitat that will work for you in the way you want it to .

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About us

We aim to help everyone live in a healthy, beautiful, energy efficient and sustainably designed home. Specialising in sustainable building design, we use the principles of Passive House, one of the world's most stringent energy efficient design standards, to inform our designs relative to circumstances and budgets. Our belief is that a home should primarily 'live well', yet touch the earth lightly and inspire through design.

With a team including 6 architecture graduates, 2 building designers and an engineer, we are able to offer building design, master planning, interior design, documentation, research, rendering/visualisations and energy efficiency assessments and advice. This allows us to provide holistic designs and advice for clients and builders.


Michael worked with us on re-designing the interior layout and improve the street appeal of our tiny, red-brick duplex in Canberra. The brief was to incorporate a kitchen, dining, living, laundry, powder room and study into a minuscule space less than 50sqm, so it was quite a challenge. We loved his innovative design that made the best of the space, the light and the orientation. The plans were detailed and the renders were invaluable in visualising the end result. Michael is a consummate professional, and he’s also generous, patient and a pleasure to work with. Our build starts shortly and we just can’t wait!


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