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energy efficiency reports and advice- reimagined

Over 5,000 tests run, quick turnaround, fixed pricing and advice on how to make homes better

Our focus to ensure better homes get built led us to challenge ourselves as to how we could help others, not just our design clients.

And, with an ever-increasing awareness, and more legislative focus, on increasing the energy efficiency of homes, we looked at what was being provided and decided to come at it from another angle.

Energy reporting has always been done at the end of the design process, as a necessity to pass a determined benchmark. We decided to flip this and make it part of the process from the early stages to help clients, designers and builders understand the options for increasing efficiency, which can then be costed and an optimum solution reached between all parties. By scenario testing options for the build, we are able to assist you to understand the options and explore the possibilities of building a better home.

We have an experienced team to provide:

  • NatHERS
  • Energy Efficiency Reports
  • Passive House Modelling

We also provide the traditional services at the back end of a project.

For all enquiries, please call Andrew on 0488 990 065 or fill out the form below and we will get back to you.